Friday Testing Vote

Dear Member, 

The announcement regarding testing on Thursday 5th May indicated that Friday testing from round 5 onwards would be banned, and drivers that tested from Monday to Friday before a race weekend would be excluded from the meeting in question.

Since its conception, Friday testing has never been in the equation for CKC/JKC. Only this year have a large number of drivers started testing on the Friday before each round. CKC/JKC will continue to take this stance for the foreseeable future.

There are four key factors to consider:

SAFETY : Friday testing is NOT staffed by CKC/JKC. The number of marshals, paramedics and general assistance may be lower than Saturday and Sunday. This is completely dependent on the track, and you need to be aware. Please check with the track before committing to Friday testing, as CKC/JKC hold no responsibility to any incidents that should occur on Friday testing.

EDUCATION : We do still believe that as a championship we should not encourage taking children out of school, but do also understand that if you or your drivers school do believe karting to be a valid part of education.

FAIRNESS : We want to keep costs low and keep things fair. Please remember that not everyone is in a position to do any mid-week testing, for multiple reasons. We also appreciate that some drivers do not drive as much as others, so Friday testing is actually a chance to get some additional seat time to ensure the full weekend is beneficial in terms of driving, travel and therefore costs.

COSTS : CKC/JKC is a budget-friendly championship. We try to keep costs as low as possible for all its members. This also means that the budget to run the championship is extremely tight. We have four main groups of personnel, which do crossover, who need to setup before the weekend. (Championship, Driven Dreams, AlphaLive) It has become evident that setup on a Friday with a busy paddock, and live track is impossible. And the logistical costs running setup on Thursday puts CKC/JKC at a deficit.

CKC/JKC is only in it’s third year as we have always been honest with members, giving you the chance to have a say on how the championship is formulated. With this in mind, whilst we thought we were being productive with the Friday ban, there is obvious unrest about the decision. So we have decided to take it to the vote.

But we do ask that you consider the wider position of all drivers, and not be upset if the vote doesn’t end in your favour. The full results and final decision will be published to the members in due course, and before the next round at Lydd.

Please vote now. One vote per driver. Voting ends Friday 13th May.