RPM GX200 Engine Package


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Honda GX200 RPM Pro Extreme

Race prepared and sealed GX200 pro extreme. These engines come sealed at the same bhp output offering a level/fair playing field for all competitors.

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Magnetic Oil Plug

Honda magnetic dipstick. Extend the life of your Honda GX200 race engine. Cleaner oil, Better performance, Improved reliability and just peace of mind.

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Magnum 20t Race Clutch

This improved race clutch has set the standard. The enhanced design greatly improves power transmission through a stiffer, more stable shoes and drum configuration.

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Tillett Chain Guard for Honda GX200

The Tillett Honda guard mounts solidly to the engine and is wide enough to allow sprocket protectors.

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Honda Chain Guard Bracket

Fixing Kit for Honda Chain Guard.

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Honda Engine Mounts (Complete)

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